Long jumps, hard landing: as a ski jumper Sven Hannawald won everything there was to win – followed by a battle against Burnout. Nowadays he's helping corporate health companies and managers keep their digital balance. Experience him live at D:PULSE in Zurich: https://dpulse.ch
Quite cool and very individual answers were given by the participants of the Cannes Lions 2019. Come to Zurich and experience the Digital Pulse for yourself.
Sophia Hundertmark, partner of Paixon GmbH & founder of AI Zürich, explained to us in our home office what is important when using chat bots. It was all about service, marketing, ethics and the next big thing...experience her live on stage in Zurich. Tickets are available here https://dpulse.ch/en/tickets
Bessie Lee, founder & CEO of Withinlink, met us at the Cannes Lions 2019. She told us how she justified the success and growth of the People's Republic of China.
This wonderful sentence was formulated by Ann Rosenberg, Global Head for University Alliances at SAP, in conversation with us during the Cannes Lions 2019. We are looking forward to the cooperation with SAP NEXT GEN and of course to welcome Ann Rosenberg to Zurich in August.
Cindy Chin, CEO CLC Advisors and NASA Datanaut, explained her view of digital transformation and the changes that come with it. Experience live on stage and come to the D:PULSE in Zurich.
JC Oliver, CEO of 31 Flavas, told us at the Cannes Lions 2019 how to achieve the "Global Goals" and what is important now in the marketing & media industry. He is an ambassador for D:PULSE and will come to Zurich in August...
David Shing is a Digital Prophet at OATH and one of the most dazzling people in marketing and media business. He is an ambassador for D:PULSE and will come to Zurich in August.
Her first big love was Luke Skywalker and she is still a self-confessed R2D2 fan. You can find out what this has to do with AI and why psychologist Marisa Tschopp is strongly opposed to autonomous weapons systems in our D:PULSE TV Talk.
Cannes Review: What a pressure boost of inspiration, insights and smart thoughts! We have spoken to the thought leaders of the digital world and are looking forward to sharing new ways, opportunities and perspectives with you.