For the first launch, D:PULSE teamed up with tech startup Ceretai to analyze the gender diversity of the one-day conference show.
D:PULSE, the new global business network event series, launched its first boutique conference in Zurich on 21 August 2019. The two initiators and co-founders, Christian Muche and Frank Schneider, welcomed over 500 selected national and international guests.
Agenda note Japan: The new D:PULSE attracts a lot of attention in Asia as well
D:PULSE is a worldwide digital business conference show with sustainable impact that brings together international and national thought leaders, innovators and decision makers from marketing, culture and technology to drive the change process, disrupt business models and design the new digital communication landscape.
The international business event network D:PULSE collaborates with SAP Next-Gen program. This new purpose driven cooperation focuses on accelerating innovations and engaging global networks in the digital future by becoming part of a global movement supporting the UN Global Goals.
Melissa Whiting, Vice President Inclusion & Diversity at Philip Morris International (PMI), explained to us how important diversity is and why inclusion is the fuel for it. Experience her live in Zurich and learn from her...
Ceretai and D:PULSE are happy to announce a partnership for the Zurich edition of the D:PULSE conference taking place on August 21st, 2019. Through an exclusive partnership with Ceretai, D:PULSE conference will track gender diversity among speakers, panelists and moderators by automatically measuring the amount of women and men on stage as well as their speaking time. We are looking forward to a continuous collaboration where D:PULSE can proudly take lead in setting the standard for diversity in conferences all over Europe!
Michael Kunst, Senior Vice President, Commercial Transformation at Philip Morris, explained why one of the world's largest tobacco companies is committed to a smoke-free future.
Long jumps, hard landing: as a ski jumper Sven Hannawald won everything there was to win – followed by a battle against Burnout. Nowadays he's helping corporate health companies and managers keep their digital balance. Experience him live at D:PULSE in Zurich:
Quite cool and very individual answers were given by the participants of the Cannes Lions 2019. Come to Zurich and experience the Digital Pulse for yourself.